60 Bookings In 30 Days.

The Problem

A prominent language school in Melbourne faced a significant challenge in boosting its bookings within a limited timeframe. Despite offering top-notch courses and services, the school struggled to attract a sufficient number of enrollments, hindering its growth prospects. With only 60 days to turn the situation around, the pressure to fill seats and maximize revenue was palpable.

The Result

Within a mere 60 days, we witnessed a remarkable transformation in its bookings landscape. The strategic implementation of the Facebook ad campaign, coupled with the optimized conversion funnel and targeted follow-up sequence, yielded outstanding results. Despite an initial ad spend of only $330, the campaign generated an impressive 60 booked leads, translating to less than $6 per lead.

The Solution

1. Facebook Ad Campaign Experimentation:

Recognizing the power of targeted digital marketing, we embarked on a strategic Facebook ad campaign. The campaign aimed to test three distinct ad creatives, each leveraging different hooks and primary texts to address various pain points potential students might face. By diversifying the ad content, the school sought to capture a broader audience and resonate with their specific needs.

Evaluation and Optimization: After just one week of data analysis, we identified the most effective ad creative and messaging strategy. With this valuable insight, the remaining budget was allocated towards scaling the winning campaign, maximizing its impact and return on investment. The agile approach to evaluation and optimization ensured that resources were allocated efficiently, driving significant results within the allocated timeframe.

2. Conversion-Optimized Funnel and Landing Page:

To ensure maximum engagement and conversions, the campaign directed traffic to a meticulously crafted conversion-optimized funnel. This funnel incorporated a well-designed landing page that highlighted the unique value propositions of the language school, compelling visitors to take action. The seamless booking calendar integration facilitated swift and hassle-free enrollment, enhancing the user experience and driving conversions.

3. Email and SMS Follow-Up Sequence:

Understanding the importance of nurturing leads and maximizing attendance, we implemented a robust email and SMS follow-up sequence. Leveraging automation tools, personalized messages were sent to prospects, reinforcing the benefits of enrolling in the language courses and addressing any lingering concerns. This proactive approach aimed to maintain engagement and guide leads through the enrollment journey, ultimately increasing attendance rates.


Through strategic digital marketing initiatives and a data-driven approach, we successfully overcame its booking challenges, positioning itself as a leader in the competitive education landscape.

With a pipeline of over $21,000 in potential revenue, the school's investment in innovative marketing solutions not only boosted enrollments but also laid a strong foundation for sustained growth and success in the future.

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